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Sassy style is designed for people who are refusing to be like everyone else! You can’t buy a style, you already have it in you, but maybe you’re shy to show it, or you’re relying on other people’s opinions. Ditch that insecurity! Dare to be you, stand out from the crowd and shine!

Sassy style team can help you! Our professional hair stylists, fashion designers, beauty and make-up experts are here! We’re going to bring that sassy you on the surface.

And you’re going to enjoy every step of the way... Having fun is part of the sassiness, so put that big cheeky smile on your face and join the world of people who are confident, influential, strong and beautiful.

Buy amazing, trendy fashion dresses for every occasion. Business woman, a mom, or a girl becoming a woman, you can find a dress for yourself in our web shop. Be confident, be stylish, be cool, be different than others. You know that awkward moment when you walk in somewhere and realise someone else has the same dress as you do?! It’s not gonna happen again. Our designs are fresh and innovative, handmade in limited edition. Chances someone will look just like you are minimal!

First brand we’re introducing you is “Dies Gaudii”, brand new on Irish market! Croatian designers with many years of experience, highest diplomas in fashion design, and extraordinary sense for fashion, made Ireland as their new home. Where they will create beautiful clothes for you.